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Ascending through darkness

Avant-garde black metal, dark rock and occult spiritual ascendance

Created by Lord Eibon Blackwood around his interests in occult philosophy, Victorian pioneering and esoteric ascendance, Eibon la Furies encapsulates a love for musical avant-garde singularity, progressive black metal, dark rock and classical ambience.

Their live reputation as musicians continues to grow. They are reviewed as a tight and professional unit who deliver a show of fire, Victorian magic and virtuoso extreme metal musicianship.

Eibon la Furies continue to intrigue reviewers with their singular take on music, with the only tag that all agree on being that they are unique in the world of extreme metal. Rather like many pioneers of the classic ages, Eibon la Furies look only to the future and ignore all trends in favour of their own unique vision.

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