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The Blood of the Realm (2010)

Worldwide release on Code666 Records

Eibon la Furies - The Blood of the Realm, released on Code666 Records 2010

The first album for Code666 Records. New songs featured among re-recordings of the raw demo versions of tracks on Something Wicked This Way Comes and Yours Truly... From Hell.

01. The Blood of The Realm (Intro)
02. The Devil is an Englishman
03. Tears of Angels & Dreams of Demons
04. Horse of The Invisible
05. Winter Kings, Wicker Men & Her Infernal Majesty Brigantia
06. Dominion of Will
07. A Shadow Over London (Part 1)
08. Yours Truly, From Hell
09. … And By The Moonlight
10. A Shadow Over London (Part 2)
11. I Am Whitechapel
12. A Shadow Over London (Part 3)
13. … Of Golden Dawns
14. Dark Designs
15. Infinite Man (Outro)

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